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      Real Estate Partners


      Our experienced team of real estate professionals work from our headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. Our success is a direct result to our customer focus and building long-term relationships with industry leaders.

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      About Us
      Lease Abstraction

      ArchStreet's 4-Step lease abstraction approach ensures a successful and cost-effective experience. Our systematic 4-Step approach ensures data accuracy, transparency through continuous progress updates and expected deliverables.

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      Financial Due Diligence

      Providing owners, investors, asset managers, brokers, property managers and lenders of commercial real estate ARGUS cash flow analysis and operating proforma reporting to assist with the evaluation and underwriting of those commercial real estate assets.

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      Lease Administration

      Real estate owners and portfolio managers constantly face the challenge of decreasing costs while improving the quality of financial reporting to ensure a better bottom line. ArchStreet's Lease Administration outsourcing solution makes that an easy choice.

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      Advisory Services

      ArchStreet works together with you to develop systems to improve processes, streamline operations, manage risk, and lower costs. We offer expert services like upgrading ARGUS, Software Assessments, and FASB Lease Accounting Compliance

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