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      Real Estate Partners

      Lease Abstraction

      ArchStreet's 4-Step Lease Abstracting Program

      A lease abstract summarizes specific, key information from a lengthy lease document and makes it available for users to monitor, review and update easily. The abstract should summarize selected information from the lease, and show the reader where to look for further information. Additionally, all the financial terms of the lease deal are documented in the abstract, which makes it useful for property investors or lenders.

      Example Abstract Brochure

      We summarize key financial and non-financial information in ArchStreet Partners’ standard template or the client provided template. We can abstract directly in lease software such as Yardi, JDE, MRI, etc. Our standard template provides key financial and non-financial information such as tenant information, SF details, lease terms, renewal options, current & future base rent streams, percentage rent (retail only), other income (promotional charges, etc.,), utilities reimbursement, taxes reimbursement, insurance reimbursement, cam reimbursement, parking information, co-tenancy, go-dark, other termination options, tenant improvement allowance, right of first offer, right of first refusal, relocation, kiosk restriction and other notes includes discrepancy comments based on lease vs rent roll.

      Other Services

      • Lease Administration

        Providing Lease Administration KPO services to effectively manage resources and expenses throughout the lease life-cycle of commercial real estate assets

      • Financial Due Diligence

        Providing real estate investors, brokers and lenders with Cash Flow Analysis support services at highly competitive pricing

      • Advisory Services

        Improve processes, streamline operations, manage risk, and lower costs with ArchStreet's experience in real estate technology, accounting and asset management